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When deciding on home carpeting, there are a lot of things to consider 
but we, the people at OB Flooring, can help you find the proper carpeting for your home.

Style, as well as durability, are among the top considerations when deciding on a type of home carpet. Is the carpeting to be installed in a bedroom, living room, or a child's play room? Nearly all carpet is made from synthetic fibers, which are more resistant to stains, yet natural fiber carpets tend to resist crushing from traffic.


Considering the amount of traffic that goes through the area is a great place to start when deciding on the type of carpet you'd like install.


The same factors can be taken into consideration when deciding on the type of carpeting that will best suit your business needs.


OB Flooring carries resilient and stain-resistant carpets that will add beauty, versatility and style to your business. Whether your business is an office, hotel/motel, apartment complex, restaurant, education or medical facility, we have the knowledge to guide you on the type of commercial carpeting that would best fit your needs.


Our cut/loop and commercial loop carpet blends well with any decor, looks great between vacuuming, and the durable long-wearing surface pile is engineered for high-traffic areas.

OB Flooring's price match guarantee ensures that no matter where you shop, or where you search for commercial carpet prices, you wont find prices lower than ours.

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